Federation Annual Campaign


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The Federation Annual Campaign is our central fundraising initiative, and is conducted by Jewish Federation.


Every Gift Counts

Make a gift to the Federation Annual Campaign – every dollar makes a difference! Donate online or contact Lauren Segal at 604.257.5128 to set up one-time, monthly, quarterly or custom gifts.


Axis receives 100% of its funding from the Federation Annual Campaign, our community's central fundraising initiative. Thousands of community members make gifts to the Annual Campaign, which are what make our events, programs and professional support possible. And Axis isn’t the only young adult initiative supported by the Annual Campaign – Birthright-Israel and Hillel are as well.


Axis shares Jewish Federation’s commitment to the values of klal Israel (the collective unity of the Jewish people), tzedakah (acts of charity and to care for one another) and tikkun olam (repairing of the world). We embrace our responsibility to help those in need, in our own community and around the world.


What is the Federation Annual Campaign?

The Federation Annual Campaign is our Jewish community’s central fundraising initiative. It provides the financial resources to support much-needed programs and services that touch countless lives locally, in Israel, and throughout the world.


Funds from the campaign support programs and services delivered by 40 partner agencies, all working to meet the needs of our local community as well as those in Israel and around the world. Jewish Federation works closely with community partners to identify current, emerging and new needs, then directs funds to where they are needed most.


Where do the Funds Go?

Our community depends on the funds raised through the Federation Annual Campaign. Gifts support much-needed services for our community’s most vulnerable, programs for children, youth and their families that ensure strong Jewish identities are passed from one generation to the next; and critical support for a growing number of seniors who need help.


Thanks to the generosity of thousands of community members, the funds raised each year help care for our most vulnerable and build a stronger community for all of us.


Some examples of Federation Annual Campaign dollars at work are:

  • Providing tuition assistances for almost half of the 769 students at Jewish day schools.
  • Funding camperships for more than 100 kids so they can benefit from a Jewish summer camp experience.
  • Funding basic necessities like food and shelter for nearly 3,500 community members who live in poverty.
  • Sending 100 local young adults to Israel on Birthright-Israel each year.
  • Supporting Beit Vancouver, a vibrant and safe centre for more than 600 youth in Kiryat Shemona, Israel.
  • Helping 168,000 Jewish seniors who live in abject poverty in the Former Soviet Union.


How it all Works

Jewish Federation’s website has all the information you need about the Federation Annual Campaign, including the online giving, the planning and allocations process and the positive impact your generosity has on our community.